Women experience special issues. Women sometimes struggle with special needs and problems.

Women need special understanding. Their experience of the world is often much different than men's experience of the same world. Women's issues often include relationship problems, depression, sexual abuse, eating disorders,
co-dependency, sexual harassment and problems with advancement at work.

Women and men are both people, and they have the same basic needs and wants in life. However, their experience of those things and how those needs and wants are satisfied or frustrated are different. This is because in our society, the avenues open to men and women are vastly different.

Women need caring and understanding for their sensitive issues. Each woman needs to develop fully as an individual capable of handling life's problems.

Dr. Denise Landau is a Psychologist, a Behavior Specialist, who can help solve your problem. If you or someone you know needs help with the problems that face women, call Dr. Landau at (901) 652-7852  and discover a more satisfying life.

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