Relationships are sometimes made in HEAVEN.
Sometimes they are NOT Nearly So PERFECT!

Relationships can be an enriching and powerful force in our lives. A good one, allows the needs of both to be met. Each feels valued and important. During rough experiences, a relationship can provide strength and comfort.

Relationships with problems fall short of this goal. There may be a lack of meaningful communication, unsuccessful problem solving, or abuse and control. One partner may be unwilling to make changes which allow the needs of both to be met.

People in a problem relationship feel nervous and drained. Much of their energy goes toward trying to make it work, or to escape the pain. Unfortunately, without guidance, people tend to try harder at the same strategies which created the problems in the first place.

Most relationships can be mended and healed so that they work properly. There are some relationships, however, that can't or shouldn't be held together.

Dr. Denise Landau is a Psychologist, a Behavior Specialist, who can help you solve your problem. If your relationship can be mended, she can help you make it more Heavenly. If it can't, she can help you separate in the least painful way possible and get you on the road to healing.

If you or someone you know needs help with a relationship, call Dr. Landau at (901) 652-7852 and discover a more satisfying partnership.

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